“Ready for more” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rock band Sea Girls are already a Wolf in a Suit favorite and their latest gem is a perfect way to get hooked by their sound, say hello to “Ready for more”. With this exquisite and mesmerizing blend of melodies and visuals they deliver something unique and strangely surreal while still feeling to so down to earth. The track flows with such a natural feel through the airwaves as it pulls deeper and deeper down the story it holds. There’s something about it that feels so real, so raw and beautifully and perfectly intoxicating that you can’t help but want and need more of it. So dive into this refreshing and exciting artistic showcase that is sure to speak to your senses and let your imagination flow. Enjoy!

“The video for ‘Ready For More’ is one part Alice, one part Harley, and I think a lot of me. At the time of writing it I was so unsure of who I was, what I was doing or if I could trust myself. I was my own worst enemy.” – Henry Camamile of Sea Girls

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