“I never knew he was a violent man” by Make You Cry

UK based indie punk-rock band Make You Cry comes to us with an eye-opening and powerful musical creation with “I never knew he was a violent man”. With this intoxicating and mesmerizing soundscape they explore a topic that is rarely heard off within music with inviting melodies and powerful visuals. The track flows with ease and grabs you by surprise from the very first second as it serves you with something that all needed to hear. It’s not about doubting everyone but about understanding that evil can hide itself behind any face. The track is dark, raw and somehow so mesmerizing that you can’t help yourself as you dive into this world over and over again. Listen carefully and keep your eyes open for your imagination is about to get a much needed shock. Enjoy!

“Our third offering, ‘I Never Knew He Was A Violent Man’ follows a darker, more narrative driven approach than our previous releases. The record explores the themes of obsession, abusive relationships and asks the question ‘How well do you know your neighbours?'” – Make You Cry

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