“…Oh the silence has spoken, it’s dark and it’s hopeless
And I don’t know how it plays out
So I bathe in the river and pray it delivers me from all my shadowing doubts
oh ‘cause darling my mind has been broken
By the nights, and the fights, and the notion
That the stains on my soul they just won’t wash away, yeah…”

“Heal Me” by FARR

Uber talented indie duo FARR come to us with the right dose for your heart and soul with the intoxicating gem that is “Heal Me”. With this exquisite and passionate soundscape they paint a story that is so vivid, so raw and so real that your imagination instantly connects with it. The image starts coming together with the passing of each verse as your senses can feel every emotion that roams through this musical gem. They set up the perfect soundscape to allow the lyrics and the voice to really catch us off guard and fill us with something warm and powerful yet strangely known. So listen carefully and dive into this one of a kind world. Enjoy!

“We’re so excited for this track to be out. I originally wrote this one with Carl Barat and Olly Burden during the same trip to London that I met Linden on. After a big night out I dragged myself to the studio across London and wrote the song between cold sweats. This was my longest and first trip alone to another country and felt pretty alone in London, so we ended up with this visceral love song about when you’re away from someone you love for a long time.” – Romeo of FARR

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