“…Told me that you needed space
Time was gonna heal all mistakes
If you only knew how hard I fell
Maybe we would have been somewhere different
Not so distant…”

“Good Enough” by Noak Hellsing

Up and coming Swedish indie singer/songwriter Noak Hellsing comes to us like a breath of fresh air and he does so with “Good Enough”. With this exquisite and personal soundscape, he delivers something that all the right ingredients to be universal and pull everyone in. The track tells the story of two and where one felt like he/she could never be enough to bring the other full happiness. It’s something so real, so raw and so sadly human and the visuals manage to capture what the melodies and lyrics are trying to say perfectly. We get to see him and his piano as he let’s all the pain and the emotions flow through him as his voice lets that person now what had been hiding inside him all this time. Quite frankly the song is intoxicating and refreshingly mesmerizing while speaking of something that we all have felt, seen or head about. Enjoy!

“‘Good Enough’ is about the feeling that your’e never really enough for someone. That you are doing everything for that person but at the end of the day you’re not enough.” – Noak Hellsing

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