“Raw Stuff” by Didirri

Australian indie singer/songwriter/supernova of talent Didirri comes to us once more with the powerful and insightful gem that is “Raw Stuff”. With this track, he speaks from personal experience and shares how his adventure within music made him pick between moving forward or spending time with friends, family and those he loves. He found himself in a position that makes it hard to really express what he felt and he simply bore the pain within his heart and soul. It’s a personal story with a universal touch that allows us to dive into it and really connect with what he has to say. The track is incredible and makes for a perfect addition to his ever growing amazing body of work. Enjoy!

“Though I was pursuing my creative goals, I was far from my family and friends. It was difficult to open up to someone I cared about back home. Two years later I’m in the studio… the phone rings and it’s the person I had felt cut off from that year I skipped Christmas. They said they had felt the same, and had found it hard to open up as well. And that they were skipping Christmas this year.

I instantly remembered the half-written song I never finished, and suddenly it all made sense. Part two. ‘Raw Stuff’ instantly falls into two parts. The first half is my side of miscommunication, and the second my reaction to hearing they felt the same.” – Didirri

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