“…Miss you for always, feel you on Sundays
Yellow and purple rings round your eyes
It’s too much to handle but you make me able
Sometimes it’s so cold but…”

“It’s a beautiful life” by Billy Raffoul

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Billy Raffoul opens up his heart and soul and delivers the most amazing musical gem with “It’s a beautiful life”. With this track he invites us in as he shares a story about loss and about celebrating all the beauty that life has to offer. He does not take the sad road and instead remembers the person that inspired him with a smile as he pushes himself to live life to it’s fullest for it is absolutely gorgeous and made just for us. He embraces the unique duality of sadness and happiness that is found within this soundscape and reminds us all that we have lost, we must not feel the world has ended for now we have the chance to live not just for us but for them as well. It’s absolutely my favorite song of 2020 no matter what happens or what comes next because it hit home and made smile as I remembered the amazing people I’ve sadly lost. So celebrate life with him, with me, with all your friends and your family for it is beautiful and we only get one no matter how long or short it may be. Enjoy!

“It’s A Beautiful Life is a song I wrote for my cousin David Raffoul a few years back. It’s about the loss and celebration of life.” – Billy Raffoul

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