“Mayday” by Lissy Taylor

UK based indie singer/songwriter Lissy Taylor comes to us with the introspective and powerful soundscape of “Mayday”. With this refreshingly raw and honest blend of lyrics and melodies she reminds us that we all go through ups and downs. Through this track we can feel understood and invited into a place that gives us peace and calm for she knows that we all fall and we all can rise above once more. There’s a certain humanity about this soundscape that allows us to embrace it and connect with as it takes shape and form and envelops the airwaves that surround us. There’s no denying that we are listening to a special voice bound to connect with all who listen through amazing storytelling. Enjoy!

“When I wrote Mayday I was fighting an internal war. I felt hopelessly misunderstood and alone. I think there is a strength in recognising that everyone has their own struggles that aren’t always visible. Writing Mayday helped me understand my own struggles with mental health and I hope it will help other people in the same way.” – Lissy Taylor

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