“…Tell me what you’re thinking
Do I ever cross your mind
Lately I’ve been drinking
Just to get me through the night
And all the messages we sent
Are still on my mind
Tell me what you’re thinking
Do I ever cross your mind…”

“Tell me what you’re thinking” by Mighty Oaks

German indie band Mighty Oaks comes to us with the cinematic and bittersweet soundscape of “Tell me what you’re thinking”. The guys draw inspiration with the current evolution of relationships as communication seems to have become harder and harder to find between a couple. The world is starting to hide behind a social media persona and emojis and text messages that can’t fully convey feelings and emotions, from this situation the track comes as a cry for help. It’s an honest and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics that speaks to our hearts and souls for the story being told is very real and palpable. The track lands like a powerful punch that is strangely much needed for it has the right touch to wake us up and invite us to see beyond our four walls. Not only is the sonic touch amazing, but they elevate the message and experience through well crafted visuals that make it a must listen gem. Enjoy!

“In a world where humankind is given seemingly endless opportunities to easily communicate with people all over the world, they’re more overwhelmed than ever. To some, communication has never been this difficult. Communication is key and yet it feels like we are all getting worse and worse at looking each other in the eyes and talking to one another. Everything is digital, emoji, SMS, passive communication. You can never really understand the other if you can’t learn to speak to them. This song is about a person who can’t gauge their partner, it’s a cry for help” – Mighty Oaks

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