“…let’s go out and play
ring the bells and the landlines
so there’s no way out out out
let’s go out and chase everything we are missing
out out and about…”

“Go Out” by KYTES

German indie band KYTES comes to us once more with an exquisite and mesmerizing musical pop gem in “Go Out”. With this track they get inspired and have some fun as they let this soundscape out into the world to become an immediate fan favorite. The guys let the instruments become the perfect house for the voice to be as electric and fun as ever as it takes the lyrics to give us something that we can connect with. There’s something about this song that is so beautifully intoxicating that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over again. So dive into their world and embrace the magic of their music. Enjoy!

“Go out is a song that throws us right back to our teenage days. Life was way easier. After school we’d just ring on each others doorbells and hang out. No smartphones needed. No group chats, no voice memos or video chats Go Out‘ is a throwback song, lots of nostalgia, good memories and it’s definitely gonna be a banger live.” – KYTES

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