“…Going out and it seems something’s missing
Smoke, it’s in my eyes and the drinks taste different
Then I walk home alone
Same way I always go
‘Cause all my friends are making plans
I would too but I don’t think I can
‘Cause I’m nobody’s baby, it’s making me crazy…”

“Everybody’s falling in love” by Lily Moore

UK based indie singer/songwriter Lily Moore joins forces with Vevo to deliver a live rendition of her hit, “Everybody’s falling in love”. With this track she tells a story of feeling left out as everyone else seems to move on and enter relationships while you are just not there yet. She embodies all us at least at one point in our lives as everyone seems to be taking steps that we just can’t, not because we don’t want to but because the right person to take it with is just not there. So listen closely because her exquisite and magical voice is here to guide us through her melodies and lyrics with utmost care and passion. So dive into this intoxicating realm and embrace the fine serving of reality that she has to offer. Enjoy!

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