“Same Song” by Beck Pete

US based indie singer/songwriter Beck Pete opens up her heart and soul and delivers the powerful must listen gem that is “Same Song”. With this poetic yet in your face musical creation she becomes a reflection of all of us at one point in time as she finds herself in a loop trying to stay with someone who is no good for her. We might want to deny it but we have all fallen at least once down this rabbit hole and realizing this is at times one of the most difficult things to do and she knows this. The visuals and melodies become one so beautifully and perfectly as it grabs a hold of our senses and gives us a wide enough range of feelings and emotions that we can’t help but be hypnotize by it. The experience is intoxicating and so powerful, so listen closely and wake up if you are currently in this loop. Enjoy!

“Same Song is about realizing that you are repeating the same behaviors in the gray area with someone you adore, expecting a different result, and in turn, realizing that means this interaction has brought you to the brink of insanity. It is the turning point where you realize someone needs to be all in or get out of your life, so you don’t go fully out of your mind. The music video is the representation of the different emotions that creep their way in each separate time you come to and realize that you’re on the brink of destruction before slipping back into denial.” – Beck Pete

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