“In spite of what you might know
I’m scared of what you don’t show me
Took a little too much that night
Said I never wish I felt this free
(Let’s go dancing, let’s light a fire, let’s run for a while)
It’s hard to see you fall like this
Watching it all from a birds-eye view
Was only trying, only trying…”

“Breathe it in” by Garrett Kato ft. Julia Stone

From Australia come Garrett Kato and Julia Stone to provide us with the mesmerizing and intoxicating musical masterpiece that is “Breathe it in”. With this soundscape both voices come together so beautifully and naturally that is near impossible to not feel something as it takes over the airwaves that surround us all. The verses come one after the other connecting the dots and painting a picture that is so vivid, so real, so raw and simply so uniquely magical. The track is exquisite from beginning to end and there’s no denying that it is hands down of the best songs out there. Not only is the sonic experience amazing but it is also perfectly complemented by the visuals allowing our hearts to beat a little faster from very second you press play. Enjoy!

“This song is about meeting someone when you’re messed up. Julia and I were total strangers the first day of writing, so we spent a lot of time getting to know each other. We both were in what seemed like transitional periods of our lives. Me being a new father and her balancing some normality with an ever-changing life on the road. The song was born out of some old and new stories we’d been harbouring for some time and they came to life in this song.” – Garrett Kato

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