“…Take a look at long form

I’m conscious of your time, yeah you and I

You keep being so frustrating lately

You’ve said some petty things, so what if I don’t

If but a simple change of heart, makes you feel dirty

I’m keeping an open mind…”

“Look no further” by Flawes

UK based indie pop band Flawes come to us once more and they do so with a live rendition of their must listen gem “Look no further”. With this bittersweet yet mesmerizing musical creation they embrace the final realization that a relationship is on it’s last minutes and there’s no hope for more. The verses and melodies perfectly come together to paint a vivid picture that is so real, so real and easy to understand and grasp as it comes from the experiences that have been lived, seen or heard. We can connect the dots and feel the lyrics come one after the other telling us a story that while personal to them could easily be ours as well. It knows that not all love stories end as fairy tales and some leave a bitter after taste once they end because you had to open your eyes to see lies and deception that sadly are part of some of these tales. So listen carefully and dive into this realm they have crafted for themselves and us. Enjoy!

“‘Look No Further’ is an open letter to myself. It’s when you realise your partner’s true colours and see them for who they really are after a long period of being conned. It’s saying I need to ‘look no further’ for the truth, because your lies are so clear to me now.” – JC of Flawes

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