“Better off without you” by Becky Hill ft. Shift K3y

UK based indie singer/songwriter Becky Hill joins forces with Shift K3y to deliver the inspiring and electric musical gem that is “Better off without you”. With this perfect blend of melodies and lyrics they explore the power that can be found in breaking up as you find yourself again and know that is not someone else’s rule but yours to say goodbye. The track is complemented by the stunning visuals that together evoke the story that can be felt within this incredible soundscape. She gives us the chance to connect and feel understood as the track is so personal yet also universal as it speaks words and showcases feelings and emotions that have lived within us at one point in time. They have truly created one of the most amazing break up tracks of 2020 and I claim this knowing the year has just started. So dive into and enjoy the sweet release of this fantastic one of a kind soundscape.

“’Better Off Without You’ is that perfect break up song. Starting the year with those New Year, new me feels, it’s your new self love anthem of 2020! Written about a break up of my own, ’Better Off Without You’ was a song that I listened to over the course of 2019 that helped me through some really dark times. I can’t wait to share this bit of personal therapy with others and watch the song take on a life of its own.” – Becky Hill

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