“Nasty Human” by CELIIN

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter CELIIN explores the darkness that dwells within all of us with the intoxicating and inviting gem that is “Nasty Human”. With this soundscape, she feeds our senses a fine dose of melodies and lyrics that are sure to resonate with all of us whether we like it or not. She understands that amongst the light there’s always bound to be some darkness and we must accept this is ourselves, not as martyrs but as part of the human experience. The message shines brighter and hits us with a stronger punch with the complementary nature of the visuals allowing our hearts and souls to accept the twisted reality that hides inside us all. So dive into this world and explore the ins and outs of this mesmerizing adventure. Enjoy!

“Musically I wanted to capture the fear of getting caught and you’re dirty secret being exposed. The tension. The anxiety. The guilt. Everyone has a nasty side. But all the word’s a stage, so we hide it.” – CELIIN

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