“Black Catcher” by Vickeblanka

From Japan comes the extremely talented indie singer/songwriter Vickeblanka with one of the most amazing tracks out there, say hello to “Black Catcher”. This soundscape he has crafted is so electric, so passionate and so refreshingly rebellious yet so real that you can’t help but feel a connection with what dwells inside this melodic gem. His voice shines through so perfectly as it’s complemented by the instruments from the very first second of the track making for a one of a kind experience for the senses. Plus the track goes hand so beautifully with the visuals of the music video making for something that is sure to remain inside your brain for years to come. And not only is this track musically amazing, but it’s also the latest opening for one of my favorite animes out there, ‘Black Clover’. So dive into this world that he has crafted with passion and pure talent and enjoy the magic that resides within this soundscape. Enjoy!

Opening of Black Clover:

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