“…Well I’ve heard enough

You can stop trying to fool me like I need your love

It’s not worth what I’m giving up…”

“Nothing to you” by Payson Lewis

US based indie singer/songwriter Payson Lewis comes to us with the riveting and honest soundscape of “Nothing to you”. The track explores the ins and outs of a toxic relationship that was doomed from the beginning and the final realization of the one that was near invisible that he/she deserves better. The track is mesmerizing and intoxicating as it blends melodies and lyrics that are perfectly complemented by the visuals allowing us to dive into an experience that feed our imagination fully. His voice shines through and embodies each verse of this story allowing to embrace the feelings and emotions of this musical creation letting feel an instant connection. So dive into this bittersweet yet poetic magic and enjoy the ride that awaits inside.

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