“…All night, you got me tongue tied
Can’t find the words to speak my mind
Got so high on being by your side
Think I just lost all of my pride…”

“Control” by Winona Oak

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Winona Oak comes to us with another listen musical gem with the intoxicating and refreshingly inviting “Control”. With this track, she paints a vivid and electrifying picture that makes for one of the most exciting soundscape I’ve had the pleasure of exploring. Plus there’s something about the visuals that perfectly complement the melodies and lyrics of the track making for one of the most amazing experiences for the senses that you’ll find in the music scene. She is a goddess that has all the capacity of ruling the music scene and each track she delivers feels like a must-listen hit. So dive into her world and embrace the magic and exquisite unknown nature of her voice and verses. Enjoy!

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