“…If you could save my body, I wonder what you would do with my soul
And sometimes I wish that I was, wish that I was born in another time
In the future, see my daughters born, see my daughters born
Born Into a world where
Suddenly like I could, walk the street, I walk the street like a woman should
Like nobody was around…”

“Like a woman should” by Hayley Mary

Australian indie singer/songwriter Hayley Mary comes to us with the visual and sonic adventure that is “Like a woman should”. With this powerful and exhilarating blend of melodies and lyrics she provides our senses with a soundscape that is much welcoming and refreshing to hear. The track is perfectly reflected via the visuals giving us an experience that is sure to stay within our memories as this track lands just right to become one of the best tracks of this new year, even though we are just getting started. The verses are inspiring and full of real feelings and emotions as it borrows inspiration from real life to really speak to our hearts and souls. So dive into her world and open your eyes and listen closely for something magical awaits. Enjoy!

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