“…Told me bout your mom and you cut your hair for our date
For goodness sake, what should I make?
Now you pull a cheesy “it´s not you, it´s me”
And that’s such a bore, so there´s the door…”

“Ping Pong” by Jennifer Cohen

Uber-talented Estonian-American singer/songwriter Jennifer Cohen opens up and shares the musical gem that is “Ping Pong”. With this playful yet refreshingly bittersweet and strangely empowering she pulls us into a world of her own creation. Her lyrics and melodies come together quite beautifully to provide our senses a fine serving of exciting and musical honesty that embraces her own ups and downs with life and relationships. She understands the pain that comes at times and accepts it while not allowing it to hold her back. She is fierce and passionate and thanks to that is able to transport into a soundscape bound for greatness. Enjoy!

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