“Alone (with me)” by Katmaz

From New York comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Katmaz and his exploratory and insightful musical gem that is “Alone (with me)”. With this track, he paints a picture and tells a story that is so raw, so real and so human yet bounces around through upbeat melodies that serve as a cover-up for the bittersweet reality that dwells within the verses. The track allows him to give his voice to shine through quite beautifully as something unique and charming is added unto the pop genre. The verses and melodies come together to talk about a long-distance relationship that like most of this nature finds an ending that in this case is quite sour. There’s no denying that what is served through this soundscape feels so real to our senses and palpable to the touch for the story is one that has been lived or at least seen or heard. So dive into the world that he has given shape and form and explore the ins and outs and ups and downs of it. Enjoy!

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