“We can find a place” by Davis John Patton

Indie singer/songwriter Davis John Patton invites on a visual and sonic adventure with “We can find a place”. With this soundscape he plays with our imagination while gently caressing our hearts and souls as he speaks of love and life in a way that is poetic and endearing. The verses flow one after the other painting a picture that while personal has something about it that makes it universal and easy to connect with for all of us. There’s something within this soundscape that is intoxicating and charming as it speaks words that feel like home for us all. So enter this world he has crafted and let yourself be free as you explore every single inch of it letting your heart beat to the rhythm of the instruments and the voice. Enjoy!

“It’s the last one I wrote before I went up to Vancouver. I challenged myself to write a song with an upbeat energy to it. It partially came from the place of wanting to propose. I was reflecting on some of the best times I’ve had with my girlfriend. A lot of those happened on road trips, so I’m using that imagery. Marriage redefines your understanding of home and the rest of your life. ‘We Can Find A Place’ is somewhat of a resolution to the questions posed on the EP.” – Davis John Patton

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