“…I’m not paranoid, I’m just aware
When I need you, you’re never there
Stop tryna convince me that you care
‘Cause the truth is that if you did
You would be here, but you’re not here…”

“Paranoid” by ASHS

Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter ASHS comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the visually stunning and lush melodies of “Paranoid”. With this soundscape she grabs us by surprise with refreshing and intoxicating verses hat come one after the other to paint a picture that is so human and so raw that we can easily connect with it. The track is exquisite from beginning to end and it’s perfectly complemented by the visuals delivering an experience that we are sure to never forget. This is one of the most amazing music videos I’ve seen this year and it comes as a most welcomed surprise. So listen carefully, keep your eyes glued to the screen and dive into this world that she has crafted with such care and understanding of various human emotions. Enjoy!

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