“…I don’t want to just fit in with the rest of them
I’ve got too much on my mind to be wasting any time
Pretending to fit in with the rest of them
I’d rather be original material…”

“Original Material” by Colony House

Nashville based indie rock band Colony House comes to us with the rebellious and inspiring musical creation that is “Original Material”. With this fantastic and enticing soundscape, they aim to wake us all up and remind us that there’s nothing wrong with being ourselves and simply be the original creations that we were always meant to be. The track flows with such naturality through the airwaves as it carries the lyrics and melodies connecting them to paint a picture that is so vivid and so filled with lush and mesmerizing colors that we can’t help but want more and more of it. They have crafted perfection and in doing so they have not only crafted a song but an anthem for the masses and the unique ones. So dive into their world and explore each verse and sound as the music video gives it visuals to make shine through even more. Enjoy the beauty and the magic of “Original material”.

“The only thing I have to offer that is truly “original” is myself. I know this to be true but don’t always believe it. “Original Material” is about the ongoing fight to get out of my own way” – Caleb Chapman of Colony House

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