“Bargain Flights” by j ember

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Joseph Ember aka j ember comes to us with the honest and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Bargain flights”. With this track he speaks of a reality that we have all experience, where something sounds to good to be true and there’s a hidden catch that eventually makes itself present. It explores the perfect fantasy that was always far from it reminding us to always check on flights, friendships, love and so much more. He understands that is not the fault of the other side, but we must be accountable and accept that we were hypnotized by the “sale price”. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet magic of this must listen soundscape. Enjoy!

“Bargain Flights is about how in every pitch, there’s always a catch. Having frequently traveled over the past two years, I’ve constantly been screwed over by budget airlines and shady websites that market undesirable inclusions as positive benefits. I once booked a 70 dollar trip to Montreal from Toronto – a 45 minute flight – and ended up paying $400 because my carry on was overweight.” – Joseph Ember aka j ember

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