“The Takeover” by Aimee deBeer

Indie singer/songwriter Aimee deBeer comes to Wolf in a Suit with the cinematic and sonic experience that is “The Takeover”. With this exquisite and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics she embraces life and human advancement in a way that is so refreshing and real. The soundscape flows with supernatural ease as it provides us with a unique and intoxicating vision of a potential future that while fantastical seems very much possible. Her voice is so captivating and unique that it simply touches your heart and soul with such naturality that you find yourself needing more and more of that soft grasp. So close your eyes and let your senses embrace the full spectrum of emotions that these verses, sounds and visuals have waiting for you. Enjoy!

“‘The Takeover’ is my favorite song from the EP. It also serves as the final chapter of the project. The song grapples with a current and looming threat to humanity’s experience of awe and inquiry— Technology. In an age of easy answers, is there a place for the fragile nature of wonder; of reconciling oneself with the unknown? – Aimee deBeer

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