“…Maybe that thing you said under your breath, you mean it
Holding onto thin lines ’til we just walk between them
Getting so loud, I can’t pretend that I don’t hear ’em
Maybe that thing you said under your breath, you mean it
I know you mean it…”

“Mean it” by Gracie Abrams

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Gracie Abrams comes to us with the bittersweet yet intoxicating gem that is “Mean It”. With this soundscape she explores what happens when the cracks start to appear and you know the love is slowly but surely fading away. It’s a unique and refreshing track that speaks from the heart and reminds us that as we grow life shows it’s various shades of color as it gives and takes away. Love is a wicked yet magical feeling that at times comes to us as a fantasy selling itself as something real, yet eventually the facade is taken off and it disappears without a seconds notice. She has crafted a story that speaks to us all and fills our hearts with nostalgia as we reminisce of all the so called “loves” we have experience and realized that they were always meant to break. The visuals perfectly complement the soundscape as it comes after the fact while you remember all that was and could have been. So dive with me into this world and together let us explore the beauty and the sadness of “Mean It”.

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