“Woman Lover Powerful” by Daniella Mason

Nashville Based indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Daniella Mason raises her voices and delivers the modern anthem that is “Woman Lover Powerful”. With this electrifying and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, she inspires women all over the globe and reminds them how amazing they are. The track does not only serve to open the eyes of women all over but frankly, it also reminds men of it and invites them to see the magic and fire that is found in every single woman in this big blue world. Plus not only are the sounds, lyrics and vocals amazing, but the visuals also manage to perfectly complement and even enhance the experience making the track an instant must listen/must have experience. I can say with all honesty that I am in love with this track and personally think it is one of the best of not only the year but of the past decade. So listen carefully and rejoice in the adventure that lies within this soundscape as it delivers verses that resonate in such a way that I am sure the world fill welcome it with open arms. I for one when life gives me the blessing of being a father and I have a little girl, I will listen to this track with her and smile her as I let her know that no matter what she dreams off, she’s got the fire and strength to turn it into reality. Enjoy the musical masterpiece that is “Woman Lover Powerful” by the uber-talented artist that is Daniella Mason.

“I wanted this video to elevate all of us and to elevate our community as a whole— not just myself and my vision. They brought their everything and helped me show so many facets of womanhood. We see Cam, beautifully posing in her newly-announced pregnant state; we see Nightbirde, my friend who had breast cancer while we wrote this; and we see my friend and photographer, Jacqueline Day, remove her wig and reveal something she’s kept quiet. Every artist lent me their voice, their heart, and their body. They just brought it all together and helped me tell a story so much bigger than myself. And that’s really the only reason I’m here.” – Daniella Mason

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