“…Close your eyes, make a wish
When life ain’t easy, remember this
Just close your eyes and make a wish
All the troubles can be fixed…”

“Close your eyes” by Felix Jaehn ft. VIZE and Miss Li

German indie artist Felix Jaehn joins forces with VIZE and Miss Li to deliver the mesmerizing and inspiring soundscape of the gem that is “Close your eyes”. With this exquisite musical creation they invite us into their world and in it we can see glimpses of our own selves as it all takes shape and form. The verses flow quite nicely thanks to Miss Li’s fantastic vocals and the arrangement of sounds and melodies set in place by Felix and VIZE. The track is filled with hope and good vibes that put a smile on our face as it speaks to us and makes us feel welcomed within its realm. So let it pull you into this unknown they have crafted and enjoy this wonderful one of a kind ride.

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