“Heal” by Jax Anderson

Indie singer/songwriter Jax Anderson (fka Flint Eastwood) comes to us with one of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard not only this year but since always with “Heal”. The track comes to as a breath of fresh air with a powerful message that is rarely heard but much needed in any stage of life. She opens up her heart and soul to craft a soundscape that is so raw, so human and so beautifully powerful that we can’t help but clap as hard as possible and root for her as she is rooting for us. She created something so special and so real that we can not only hear it but also feel from the very first second we press play. The track is a welcomed musical creation that reminds us that we are in this mess together and there’s always time to pause and look within to make sure your number 1 person (you) is feeling alright and can keep going forward. We all have the chance to heal and this track is a mesmerizing and much-needed reminder of this. So listen carefully and enjoy what to me is the best song of 2019.

“The Heal EP is based on my process of healing through unlearning. I think it’s important to question what you believe and why you believe it. These songs are a documentation of what I’ve unlearned over the past 2 years and how I’ve healed so many open wounds I didn’t realize existed in the process..” – Jax Anderson

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