“DoLL” by Maiah Manser

Indie singer/songwriter Maiah Manser comes to us with a powerful and cinematic musical experience in her gem, “DoLL”. Though passionate and honest verses she blends them with the melodies to create a soundscape that is sure to speak to you in a way that is so human and refreshing. She takes a distinct route that is crafted by her own experiences and wants and needs making it a powerful and in your face creation. The track is intoxicating and serves us with a sweet dose of reality that comes from one of side of the spectrum of life to teach the other end a valuable lesson. She shows the world that she is a queen and her voice has a message that was made to be heard. So dive into this world and let it caress your soul as it lays the groundwork and sows the seeds for something amazing. Enjoy!

“‘DoLL’ was first written as a poem after an ex told me while I was intoxicated at a Halloween party that he had cheated on me with my roommate. Needless to say, I was upset and wanted to release this notion that I was always hoping I would be a good enough woman for him or good enough for any of my past partners that had hurt me or left me,” – Maiah Manser

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