Artist: Nick Nash

Album: Fortress of Gold

Release Date: 2019

Genre: Indie Folk/Rock

Indie folk-rock singer/songwriter Nick Nash comes to us with an exquisite and refreshing take on love, death, friendship and all that makes life a wonderful one of a kind adventure. He blends old school and contemporary melodies and adds verses that transcend the limits of the genres to deliver something so raw and so human that you are sure to instantly connect with it. The tracks are stories that come from his heart, his soul, his questions and all that he sees around him making it a personal yet uniquely universal body of work. ‘Fortress of Gold’ is a fantastic and necessary album that should be part of your personal collection for it really embodies various stages of life in a way that is outside of the ordinary and really refreshing to find. Without a doubt, Nick has a firm grasp of what it means to be an all-around artist with the capacity to not only tell stories that will become everlasting but also playing with the imagination of the listeners and providing them with a vivid and intoxicating experience.

Rate: 9/10

I would recommend the following (but truly listen to the whole album):

-“Bone Mountain”

-“Who will dress in black?”

-“I thought by now”

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