“…Need to change your face from the screen on my phone
Please pick up your stuff so I can finally let you go
Called in every favor
Devil was my neighbor
Livin’ on a prayer…”

“On a Prayer” by Boy in Space ft. SHY Martin

Swedish supernovas of talent Boy in Space and SHY Martin join forces to serves a mesmerizing tale of heartache and broken hearts with “On a Prayer”. They have crafted something so vivid, so real and so intoxicating that you can even taste the saltiness of the tears as they creep in and fall down your cheeks. You feel every single word within the lyrics and the story that resides within this track goes from being their to being yours and grabbing a hold of your heart. There’s something so human, so powerful and so utterly mesmerizing about this soundscape that you can’t stop yourself from connecting and making it yours. So listen, see and enjoy this bittersweet yet magical ride.

“I had just watched the movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.’ I loved it so much I saw it four times in two weeks…. it inspired a lot of the look and feel for the music video. We had one free day in LA, so we just ran around with a really small film team and pretended like we were Quentin Tarantino for the day.” – Robin Lundbäck aka Boy in Space

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