“Come & Seek” by LIA

Canadian indie singer/songwriter LIA comes to us with the empowering and self-discovery soundscape that is “Come & Seek”. With this incredibly soothing and honest soundscape she invites to take a peek inside her soul and see how she has grown and how powerful she now is. The track also serves to motivate to do the same and find our own worth among all the ups and downs that life takes us through. There’s something about this song that is so amazing for our senses and our imagination making it not only a must as a music lover but as a human being. So dive into her union of visuals and melodies and explore each and every corner of this musical gem. Enjoy!

“This is a song for empowerment and self discovery. It’s the culmination of my strength after years of self-disrespect through energy-sucking relationships. The imagery of “coming to seek” communicates the confidence and bravery I found in myself throughout the time period that I worked on this EP. Not being afraid to talk about my feelings, not being shy to go after what I want and knowing the kind of relationships I deserve are some of the struggles I had to overcome. This song is a celebration of me finding my way to womanhood and because of that, opening my arms to love.” – LIA

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