“Begging” by Moss Kena

UK based indie singer/songwriter Moss Kena opens up his heart and soul to deliver the heartfelt and honest gem that is “Begging”. With this incredible and human soundscape he blends melodies and lyrics to give us love, hope, heartache and the chance to get back on the right path. The song flows with such naturality that you are sure to immediately be transported to the vivid and colorful realm in which the music video can be experience fully. He understands and embraces the fact he has done wrong and wants a chance to show that he is really in this relationship not just for the moment but forever. So listen and enjoy the sweet relief of this magical musical ambrosia that Moss has served us with.

“The video really captures the emotion of the song, strength and honesty, with dancers personifying parts of myself, showing that inner conflict, the ocean really representing the powerful and swelling depths of emotion.” – Moss Kena

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