“…Do you recall the things
That used to give us joy?
When our imagination
Could take us anywhere
Appearing in my mind now
Pictures from the past…”

“Youth” by Asgeir

Icelandic indie singer/songwriter Asgeir comes to us with the nostalgic and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Youth”. With this fantastic blend of melodies, lyrics, vocals and memories they craft a story that is so real, so human and in a way so magical that you heart finds a perfect dose of joy within it. The visuals perfectly complement that unique feel of the soundscape providing us music lovers with an experience that we’ll never forget. He takes life and uses it as material to paint the most amazing musical canvas that you’ll ever hear and see. The track is personally an instant favorite and his voice shine through from beginning to end in a manner that is intoxicating, mesmerizing and truly bound to stay with you forever. Enjoy!

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