“Love don’t cut me down” by Napoleon Gold ft. Haiva Ru

From Belgium comes the incredible talent of Napoleon Gold along with the mesmerizing voice of Haiva Ru to deliver the gem that is “Love don’t cut me down”. Together they have crafted a soundscape that is haunting and charming and perfectly blended with the visuals making for an intoxicating one of a kind experience. The track is exquisite from beginning to end and both artists manage to connect beautifully making for a unison masterpiece. They blend his melodies with her vocals in a way that truly rivals the big names in the music industry and invites us all to turn to them and simply be in total awe of their talent. So come with me and let us jump into the surreal and captivating world filled with magic, insecurities and human emotions that they have set forth for us. You are sure to find a connection as the verses and sounds will unfold to paint a very human picture that will remind you of your quest in life and love. Enjoy!

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