“What you wanna do” by Cortney Dixon

UK based indie singer/songwriter Cortney Dixon comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the must listen gem that is “What you wanna do”. With this fantastically catchy soundscape she is all of us at one point in our lives as love does not always feel right and sometimes it really does not end right but it’s up to you to jump into it or not. The lyrics and melodies come together quite naturally and paint a picture that our imagination can perfectly visualize and make it feel ours. There’s no denying that her voice shines through beautifully and the verses are well crafted allowing music lovers around the globe to fall for her sound as she becomes a breath of fresh air in the music scene. So listen, see and embrace this amazing experience set forth for your enjoyment.

“’What You Wanna Do’ is about that person who comes along and who you instantly fall madly in love with – except you know you absolutely shouldn’t. Both of you are made up of entirely different things and yet somehow it feels like you’re exactly the same. It‘s a love that turns you mental. It’s a love that’s not sustainable. It throws everything you thought you knew into complete disarray and turns your answers back to questions. It’s never going to work, and you both know that, so you have to decide – What You Wanna Do?” 

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