“All comes back to you” by R3HAB

Indie electronic artist R3HAB delivers always and his latest musical creation, “All comes back to you”, is simply another hit. The track is catchy, fun and immediately pulls you into a world that makes you feel so good and so full of positive vibes. The soundscape plays with your senses making full complete and welcomed as you explore each and every melody and verse. Plus the visuals perfectly complement the spirit of the track as we are transported to one or many of his shows at once and get to know not just the artist but the amazing fan-loving human being behind the name. So let’s get this started and enjoy life however short or long it may be, let’s just give the world something to smile about as karma awaits for us and I am sure it wants to send us great things. So listen, see and enjoy this amazing ride!

“‘All Comes Back to You’ follows in the footsteps of ‘All Around The World’ with a groovy bassline, catchy vocals, and all-round positive vibes. I am proud to share it with the world.” – R3HAB

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