“…I’m on to something
On the floor of my apartment
Tired of running
Slowing down this moment just to
Take the time to take some time
Nothing wrong with me I’m fine
Tonight tonight…”

“Room for Me” by LeyeT

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess LeyeT comes to us with a wonderful serving of escapism and self-understanding in the shape and form of “Room for me”. With this exquisite track, she embraces the fact that we all need some room to breathe and to be alone as we rediscover all that makes us tick. She understands that as humans we are frail yet magical creatures that can easily soar higher than anything and crash to the ground in the next second, we just need a little bit of time to share between the me, the myself and the I. Her soundscape soars through the airwaves with inviting, catching and hypnotizing melodies and lyrics that make us feel at home as they carefully caress our senses, our souls and our hearts. She has truly landed on something amazing making this track an instant hit that is perfectly complemented by the visuals that allow us to connect on a level deeper than just artists and music fans. Enjoy!

“I’m one of those introverted extroverts… someone who loves people, but also needs alone time maybe more than others. Beyond that, I am also someone who tends to pack my schedule and become so overly driven in achieving things that I forget to take a moment to breathe. That almost always results in me feeling completely worthless once I reach my point of too much. It’ s been a continual struggle for me, but in this song , I allow myself that breath. For me personally, this song serves to give myself a moment to take the time to take some time and rediscover my own steady rhythm and peace.” – LeyeT

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