“Water” by I Want Poetry

German indie band, I Want Poetry come to Wolf in a Suit once more with the mesmerizing and captivating soundscape of “Water”. With this exquisite musical creation, they grab us by surprise and serves a fine blend of surreal and honest melodies and lyrics that are sure to get you hooked. They provide us with a much-needed sense of warmth and humanity that allows us senses to embrace the magic that dwells within this track. Without a doubt, this band has all the necessary ingredients to shine through with sheer talent, passion and that rarely seen “it”. So listen, see and enjoy this unique adventure.

“The video shoot for Water was the most intense thing we’ve ever experienced. You face the wind, it takes all you’ve got to brace yourself against it, the sand whipping in your face. Your eyes are watering, you can hardly see. The director is shouting something, but the clamor in your ears drowns out everything. It’s too much, you duck down and cover your face, take a deep breath. Muster your courage. Then you get back up and the dance starts anew – the dance with the elements.” – Till of I Want Poetry

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