“The Optimist” by Evie Irie

Australian indie singer/songwriter Evie Irie shines through with her voice and her talent and delivers the gem that is “The Optimist”. With this mesmerizing and passionate blend of melodies and visuals, she plays with our senses and our imagination to serve us an instant hit. Her track gives listeners something more than just a great song, she brings us hopes and motivation to push through and search within all the ups and downs that life brings for the most beautiful silver linings. Her soundscape is without a doubt an enticing and intoxicating adventure that hypnotizes us and allows us to feel an instant connection. At 16 years old she comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time but I am sure this won’t be the last time as I am sure her voice will shine brighter and brighter and personally, I am a fan. So join me and let us show our love and support to a truly wonderful talented young artist. Enjoy!

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