“It gets better” by COUNTERFEIT.

UK based indie rock band COUNTERFEIT. have arrive for the first time at Wolf in a Suit and they do so with style with the gem that is “It gets better”. With this track the uber-talented ensemble remind us that life is not only about the moments in which we fall but also the moments in which rise from those holes. They open up our eyes with melodies and lyrics that speak to our hearts and souls telling us that things are bound to get better and that we are not alone in this big blue world. The soundscape is fun, refreshing and full of hope that gives music lovers around the world a much needed dose of something more than what we are used to. So listen closely, open up your eyes, enjoy the adventure and have a blast as this track unfolds right in front of you. Enjoy!

“The video and the song are about healing, connection, community, humanity and spirit. We are lucky enough to have a fan base that feels like a family so wanted to bring the sense of community that we feel to a larger audience.”


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