“Euphoria” by Vivie Ann

German indie singer/songwriter Vivie Ann comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the exhilarating gem that is “Euphoria”. The uber-talented artist takes melodies and lyrics to craft a soundscape that is electric, charming and truly inviting for the senses to simply dive into. The sounds and verses surge through your veins in a manner so natural and so warm filling you with a need and a want to be thrilled and excited. Her voice has that perfect balance of energy, passion and unique soothing feel that allows us to feel welcomed as it all takes shape and form. We are bound to be hypnotized by her melodies and visuals as her track becomes an instant hit and must listen creation that you’ll want to share over and over again. So listen carefully and open up your eyes for she awaits for you with her personal brand of magic. Enjoy!

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