“…a poem for a selfless, pure love; one that you feel only once in your life” – JONAH

“Husk my love” by JONAH

German indie duo JONAH come to Wolf in a Suit with the beautiful and uber-romantic gem that is “Husk my love”. With this incredible soundscape they fill us with an inexplicable warmth that makes our hearts beat faster and the butterflies in our stomach come alive once more. They pull us into a world where we can see, hear and breath the beauty and the magic of being in love. It’s truly captivating, mesmerizing and without a doubt one of the best tracks I’ve heard and one of the best music videos out there. We are given the chance to experience something with the potential of making our senses feel fulfilled and alive as this story feeds our imagination and reminds us of all that love can bring. So listen, see and enjoy this refreshingly human and charming adventure.

“What if today is the last day you spend with the one you love the most and then your soulmate disappears?”

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