“Fall” by Seafret

UK based indie band Seafret continue to deliver mesmerizing and stunning soundscape and their latest addition is further proof of this, say hello to “Fall”. With this instant classic they have created they speak not just to the mind but to our hearts and souls as well. They invite us to be brave, to be fearless, to push forward and remember that there will always be some that will want you to fall. People are strange and sometimes thing that  do not even affect them become something they hate as they try to push others down. But you do not have to fall for this for you are the sole author of your story and the ups and downs you go through should never be reason enough to stop from trying to pursue happiness, love and any other goal you have. Enjoy the one of a kind blend of visuals and melodies that this music video is here to deliver to your senses!

“Sometimes it feels like all the doors are closing around you and you can start losing heart in what you’re doing or where you are in your life. ‘Fall’ was written about overcoming that feeling and never giving up.”

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