“Tough Love” by Van Scott

Indie singer/songwriter Van Scott comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the refreshingly honest gem that is “Tough Love”. With this soundscape he opens up his heart and soul and invites the world to be real with him and not to sugarcoat everything for he needs the harsh reality of the ups and downs of life to move forward. In this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics he embrace the need to mature and to learn from sadness and mistakes for life is not a fantasy and hiding from reality could be more painful than anything else. He gives us a powerful reminder that the world is not set for us to glide from place to place but it has all the shades of color possible, including the darker ones. He wants that tough and honest approach for we all need to grow up and learn as we become better human and give the world something that is actually needed. So listen closely and embrace the magic and subtle emotions of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“Scared of fooling myself
Scared I’m losing the person you relied on
Ever since I left home I
Never felt so alone I
Started to realize that on my own, I am my own worst…”

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