“…Déjame mostrarte el camino de los cielos

Lo que puede expandir nuestro amor al universo

Fruta de mi árbol, misterio, encanto

Vamos lento

Esto es el agua bendita

La flor de mi sexo…”

“Holy Water” by Anjulie & Natalia Lafourcade ft Phyno

Let your senses rejoice for a union of uber talented artists awaits once you enter the mesmerizing world of “Holy Water” by Anjulie, Natalia Lafourcade and Phyno. All these amazing musicians join forces and unite nations as they embrace the unique qualities that each of them bring to the table to deliver something out of this world. The soundscape is bound to grab you by surprise and pull you as it takes shape and form providing us music lovers with a track bound to be a fan favorite. It’s one of those sweet gifts that arrive out of nowhere and that you never knew you needed but once you hear it you just know that you need more and more of it. So dive into the realm they have created and embrace the magic of their sweet melodies and verses. Enjoy!

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