“…Just  take a breath, love
Fill your lungs up
Rest your head, there’s no sense in losing sleep
You can break down
Let  your worst out
Lose your temper, but you’re not losing me-e-e-e-e (Take a breath, love)
You’re not losing me-e-e-e-e (You can break down)…”

“Losing Me” by Gabrielle Aplin & JP Cooper

Gabrielle Aplin and JP Cooper join forces and deliver a truly charming and much needed musical gem with the beauty that is “Losing Me”. There’s something about this track that is inviting and reassuring as the verses take shape and form and calm us down and remind us that life can be hard but we have the capacity to be brave enough to handle it. It understands that humanity is capable of so much if only we paid attention to the little things and learned to value one another while also opening our eyes to our own worth. The soundscape serves as that little angel on our shoulder telling us everything will be ok and that we can move forward and be happy. So listen closely and dive into the magic as together we enjoy this beautiful one of a kind adventure.

“”Losing Me”is about what you wish you could hear when you’re having a particularly hard time,while also being that voice to someone else who needs it.I’m really excited to collaborate with JP Cooper on this track. We’ve crossed paths lots over the years at festivals and in Brighton so it was great to finally work together in the studio.” – Gabrielle Aplin

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