“…We could talk all morning

Laugh without forcing

Show up without warning

I thought he was for me

He was right I guess

It was to much to expect

Some kind of empathy when he left…”

“Emotional Girls” by Sawyer

Indie pop band Sawyer comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the refreshing and honest musical gem that is “Emotional Girls”. They embrace the sad reality of life and relationships at times when people dismiss others simply for feeling something and being vocal about it. They remind us that it is ok to laugh, to cry, to feel anger, to feel sadness and to simply be yourself and be human with all the bells and whistles. The soundscape is beautiful and quite charming as it soothes our hearts and souls allowing us some freedom to connect with not just the world but ourselves as well. So listen carefully, be hypnotized by the visuals and jump into the unknown reality that feels so real and so personal that awaits for you in this amazing soundscape. Enjoy!

“We want this song to make people feel understood and to make other people understand. Anyone that has been dismissed or overlooked because they feel their emotions, we are here to say you are not crazy! And you deserve better from your friends or co-workers, or whoever it is in your story.”

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